This is how you start again

This is how you start again

This is how you start again

If you are the kind of person to notice these kinds of things, you might notice that my last post was dated 2011. There. I said it.

My website has always had a ‘the-cobbler’s-children-have-no-shoes’ kind of flavour and I’m okay with that. I have spent my time working steadily on client websites, with word-of-mouth being my biggest ally.

This week I re-launched my site. While sifting through the files, I found a blog that I started in 2010, when I was experimenting with the genre. I have to say, it was fun reading through my old posts. Kind of like a time capsule.

So I decided to start again. My posts tend to be short and written the way that I would speak. I don’t clean them up for presentation too much. More like a diary.

I’m at the starting line again and who knows where it will take me. But once again, I have a place to put my thoughts, dear friend. Right here.