I have this floor cleaner called ‘Once N’ Done‘ (I highly recommend it) that allows me to mop my floor without having to rinse it. Yep – you just put some in the bucket with the water, slosh it over the floor and you’re done!

Unfortunately, many people approach their websites with the same kind of ‘Once N’ Done’ attitude.  In reality, a website is an ongoing project that can always be tweaked for something – better ‘call-to-action’s, better SEO, better backend – lots of ‘betters’.

The reality is that, regardless of how hard we go at the up front development process, it is really difficult to think of every use and every approach the first time out of the gate. It takes time and observation to see how people are using the website to know where to focus effort and how to best encourage the user to go from being a browser to a buyer.

For a business website, it is important not to get caught up in all the things that could be done and stay focused on funneling users towards making the owner money. This is especially important when on sites that are not e-commerce-based.  Instead they are ‘selling’ the business and asking the prospect (or user) to engage with them.

After launching a website, be sure to schedule time to review the stats over a period of time so that you can tweak and build upon the success of your website.

In summary then: Once N’ Done – great for floors, not so great for website management.