The Rearrangements website was a great opportunity to redesign a well-functioning website and take it up a notch.  The overall goals included not only making the site look professional, but re-organizing the material to make it easier to find.  A common problem with websites, this one had been added onto over the months since its first creation and had become a little disjointed.

One thing that this website owner understands is that content is king on the web.  The site is well-indexed by Google and shows up well in organic search results because the of excellent, keyword-rich, readable content that has been prepared and installed on the site.  While Google had no problem with the content, the key became re-organizing things so that humans were better able to find what they were looking for.

The result is a clean-looking, easy-to-navigate site that presents a great face for the business of home staging for this owner.

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