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CarricDesign was brought in to update an existing website. Originally built by a company in a different city, updates to the site had become frustratingly slow because of the distance and lack of personal contact.

The website was a few years old and had been built using a table-based layout system with ‘mouse-over’ javascript effects for menu items and text built into images — all practices that have since been improved to make updating a site less timely and to make the content on sites more visible to both search engines (which don’t ‘read’ images) and people using assistive devices.

While the backend issues were immediately evident to me, the client was concerned about getting things updated as quickly as possible, so that’s what we did. They were happy with the design and didn’t want to go through that process again (and who could blame them!).

Over time and because some more major changes were requested, the client decided to allow me to restructure the code, staying true to the original look and feel of the site. New features were integrated and analytics were installed to track how changes were affecting how the site was performing in search engine queries for desired keywords.

As a consequence of the changes, page load time is quicker due to lightened code/graphics and placement on result pages for keywords and keyword phrases has risen steadily, resulting in more traffic to the website.

Since initial engagement, two completely new sites have been built for this client and a unique solution was found for their property management site.


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