Adding Copyright Info to Your Website

Adding copyright to your website reminds users that the content on your site was created by you (it was, wasn’t it?!?) and that you own the rights to it.

Because websites are generally created over time, the copyright information contains two years – the year that the information was first published to the internet and the year when changes were last made.  Many websites simply update the last date to the current year in January, but it really shouldn’t change until you put new content on your site.

Besides reminding people about who owns the content on your site, your copyright information helps users to know that you are adding new material to your website.  A website with the current year’s date in the copyright seems much fresher than one that is dated even one year prior. Internet users expect web content to be refreshed and updated regularly.

Life in 140 characters

Summing up life in 140 characters has become a challenge and skill (that’s 66 – but this is a blog, so I don’t have to be done yet!).

Using Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the world has made me think about the necessity of getting right to the point, saying what you mean to say and getting out of there. These two particular portals have now trained me to think in smaller bites of information.

All this led me to think about site architecture on websites.

Too many times, I see websites that are all about the owner and not the user. By this I mean that the owner or developer pays the most attention to information or content that is important to them and spends seemingly little time on presenting the information for which the user is most likely looking.

Perhaps a better approach would be to start out thinking about what the user is likely coming to the website for and then building a website that serves that purpose.

With that in mind, the next two websites from CarricDesign will feature bold, easy to follow choice paths right from the home page. If the implementation follows as it is being designed to work, these websites will be different and set apart from their competitors, simply because they will make it very easy for users to find the most commonly sought-after information first.

I can’t wait to see how this affects the usability and user-ship of the websites!

Celebrity Professional Teeth Whitening Launched

The website for Celebrity Professional Teeth Whitening was a whirlwind wrapped in a hurricane.  The design and development happened over about 3 days, since we were racing the clock to get things up and running before the radio ad started.

Celebrity Teeth Whitening

screenshot from Celebrity Professional Teeth Whitening

The result is a very minimalist kind of site (which I like anyway) that is still able to portray the fun, energetic spirit of Celebrity without the clutter that can build up during a prolonged planning stage.

Would I like to build every site like this? Probably not. However, it was great to see how things could come together quickly and how elements, like the polaroid-type pictures, repeated throughout the site, could add continuity and flavour without clutter.

The site can be found at

Launching GT Air Home Comfort

GT Air Home Comfort is launched!  The website features a nice clean, friendly look, thanks to the rounded corners (yay Web 2.0!) and the stock photography.  My favourite is the guy with the coffee cup.  Just makes me way to sit down for a chat on a sunny summer day at a cafe.


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screenshot GT Air Home Comfort website

Screenshot of GT Air Home Comfort website

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